Random Fiber Acquisitions and more-

You’ll never guess what I brought home from work the other day.

So I’ll just tell you.


Yep. Really.

Not the whole animal or anything- just buffalo hair.

IMG_1112 (Medium)

Pretty gnarly stuff. Guess it was collected from a scratching pole that is out in the pasture for them.

But buried deep within the hairy mess is fluff. Very soft, short, downy fluff.

Here it is (mostly) sorted:

IMG_1114 (Medium)

I figure, volume-wise, I got about 10% or less fluff.

I washed and then I carded what little I had-

IMG_1115 (Medium)

My hand cards are not the really fine type, but I was able to get it into decent enough shape to spin after a while, though there was still quite a bit of veg.

Here is the resulting swatch:

IMG_1128 (Medium)

Wild, eh?

Was kind of an interesting exercise,, but the de-hairing was not much fun. Kind of like picking apart dusty brillo pads.

And in other news, I finally have my first batch of yarn for The Man’s sweater.
I’ve decided on a heavy worsted three-ply (from three bobbins so I get a more consistent result)

Here are the nice fat little bobbins ready to be plied-

IMG_1129 (Medium)

Here is the yarn, fresh off the wheel-

IMG_1136 (Medium)

And all steamed and skeined up-

IMG_1145 (Medium)-edited

I do so love a squooshy three-ply.

Stats on the yarn: approx 110 yds per 3.5 oz skein.


    • sheepsclothing

      I think that already dehaired buffalo would be the way to go. It wasn’t too bad to spin- I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do much with it because it was so short- but once you get a feel for it, it goes pretty easily.

  1. Nancy K

    I love the color of the buffalo swatch. How does it feel?

    Your three-ply is gorgeous! I might just have to try doing some of that. Can you believe I’ve always only done 2 ply???

    • sheepsclothing

      It’s a wee bit itchy still, but I think that is mostly from some deeply embedded veg. The fibers themselves are very soft and fine.
      I highly recommend the three-ply. It takes a bit more time, but can be so nice and round and lofty!

  2. kenleighacres

    Hi Denise – I met you very briefly at BSG and just found your blog from Michelle’s. I have enjoyed reading it! You did such a nice job with the buffalo. The color is so pretty.


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