One week ABS (After Black Sheep), and I have made a start on processing my new acquisitions.

First- The Fleece.

I really love the fleece. I didn’t realize it when I bought it, but it is two different colors.

Here are two different sections before washing-
IMG_1063 (Medium)

And here it is washed (silvery black in the back, blackblack in the front)-


I guesstimate that it’s about 65% silvery and 35% blackblack.
Clem (my drum carder) and I have decided that the thing to do is blend the two colors to ensure I have enough of one shade to make a solid colored sweater jacket for The Man.

So, I ‘ve begun to card, spin and  knit to plan for the project. (I love doing samples)

Here it is blended-
IMG_1059 (Medium)

On the wheel-
IMG_1067 (Medium)

And swatched-
IMG_1066 (Medium)

I’m thinking of something like Ann Budd’s Cambridge jacket.

The processing is going pretty fast, but I am taking an extra step and trimming the ends of the locks.

IMG_1062 (Medium)

The blunt ends on the locks makes me think that perhaps the sheep was coated. And what’s strange is that there is a weak spot just where the tips change color. Kind of like you would expect on a Shetland or other primitive if you sheared ahead of the “rise”. But this is Romney/Corriedale, so I can’t figure it out.

I didn’t want the little  ends break and end up being neps, so I’ve just snipping them off.

This has already gone too long,, so I’ll save my one other fiber acquisition for next week!

(PS. We finally decided on the girl kitty.)

Girl Kitty-cropped


  1. Michelle

    ACK — you left me hanging! That wasn’t too long and I wanted to hear more! That icy black fleece is turning into stunning yarn, and will make a handsome article of clothing for The Man, whatever you decide to knit.

    • sheepsclothing

      Sorry to leave you hanging… I’ll try and get out a mid-week update with the rest of the goods!

      • juliet.....

        Before I came to read your reply, I decided she should be called Farrah. You can call her Boo, but I think I’ll call her Farrah. Since she has some Siamese points I will consider her my Marcel’s girlfriend ~ he needs one, you know, since he doesn’t like any other cat. So that is what it will be, Marcel and Farrah ~ oh, it sounds so fancy! I will knit her a glittery engagement collar and they will wed when she comes of age (aka after she is spayed). 😉

  2. denise

    You crack me up.
    I was originally thinking of Daphne… but Shimon has dubbed her Boo, and it seems like it’s a done deal. So Boo it is.
    ( I’m not going to even let her date until she’s 16. Can’t be too careful with kids these days, you know) 🙂

  3. Donna

    I love your spun yarn and swatch. That will make a gorgeous sweater. It is too bad you have to snip off the tips though- extra work.

    • sheepsclothing

      Agreed. I’m not really thrilled about having to trim,, but the results so far have been worth it. How’s your new angora kid settling in?


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