(Bears in Progress)

Meet Ted.

Ted is almost complete, except I think his eyes and nose need more work.


This is Ted’s sweater.

Ted is a bit challenging to knit for because he has a HUGE head, and no neck.  But I’m giving it a shot, because I think he’d look really sharp in a pullover.

Teds sweater in progress2

I had only planned on making one bear, but then a friend presented me with an interesting challenge.

This is a handknit norwegian sweater from the 1940’s. It’s been in her family all that time, and has seen much wear and tear (see repair work on cuff below).

Norwegian Sweater

It has some really colorwork reminiscent of viking ships and ocean waves. Think I’ve going to chart that out for future reference!

norwegian sweater detail

While it has held up admirably all these years, this friend has decided that it has lived for long enough as a sweater, and should be repurposed into a bear.

This one is still in the early stages. But at least I’ve made a start.

Meet Bjorn.

Norwegian sweaterbear head1

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