Woolly Resolutions

This year I resolve to branch out and try new fibers.

As much as I love Shetland and Romney and Border Leicester,,, I feel as though I should probably try my hand at some other spinnables.

Does that mean I will be forsaking wool and spinning things like cotton (eeks!) and silk (gasp!) ?

Heck no.

I will be seeking out fleeces from different breeds of sheep that I haven’t worked with yet. I’m most interested in trying out wool from sheep raised right here in Western Washington. I have leads on the following already:

Navajo Churro,

California Variegated Mutant (CVM),


East Friesan,

Black Welsh Mountain

Sounds good so far, eh?

Others I’d like to try out probably won’t find locally include Cormo, Polwarth and Tarhee.

Anybody got contacts for those?

The Man has agreed to go to Eugene, OR with me this summer for the Blacksheep Gathering (making Denise a Very Happy Girl), so I’m sure that will open up all sorts of possibilities!


  1. Michelle

    Maybe I’ll get to meet you at BSG, too! BTW, I just did a fiber swap with Sara at Punkin’s Patch blog. I sent her Shetland and she sent me Jacob, Cotswold (roving and curls) and some BL/CVM/Rambouillet (crossbred). Perhaps she would be willing to trade with you as well.

  2. denise

    I do hope to see you both at BSG. I’ve never been before, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll have to check out the Punkin’s Patch blog. Don’t think I’ve been there before- Thanks!

    • sheepsclothing

      It’s all about the wool! (also- I often pull a really stupid face when photographed,, so I spare you all the trouble of trying to mentally erase my silly mug from the photo by omitting it right off the top)

  3. Tina T-P

    Oh, goody – you will love BSG! We wouldn’t miss it. T. PS I’m working on the tweed yarn – slow but I’m trying to make sure it’s consistent.

    • sheepsclothing

      I’m really looking forward to BSG. We actually just made our reservations, so now it’s official! Whenever you have enough of the tweed spun up, let me know, and we can develop a plan for the vest-


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