Sheep to Swatch

Introducing the latest addition to my fiber stash:

IMG_0316 (Medium)


IMG_0317 (Medium)

I’m always anxious to see how a new fleece is going to spin up, so I just grabbed a couple handfuls and gave it a go-

Flicked out:

IMG_0321 (Medium)

To be spun in the grease, from the fold:

IMG_0323 (Medium)

IMG_0322 (Medium)

IMG_0324 (Medium)

IMG_0326 (Medium)

Plied (but still greasy):

IMG_0330 (Medium)

Then to the bath (which is this case is an old peanut butter jar)!

IMG_0333 (Medium)

All washed up:

IMG_0337 (Medium)

And on the needles:

IMG_0339 (Medium)

Ta Da!

I love swatching.


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