Almost forgot to blog!

This weekend has really whizzed past.

Saturday I had the opportunity to go down to Seattle and give a spinning demo at our friends’ retirement community, Merrill Gardens at Queen Anne.

First time I’d done something like this, but it went pretty well I think. Had a nice size group of folks show up, and they seemed to be interested- asking a lot of questions, and fondling all the wool samples I brought. Once I got talking, it took a while to get to the spinning part-( there’s just so much to say about the wool itself! and the prep!)- but we finally got there.

And everyone was amazed by the wonder of wool becoming yarn before their very eyes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to have the man take any photos, so you’ll have to use your imagination to sketch the scene.

Anyway- I should mention that I finally have another project in the works:

IMG_0272 (Medium)

A nice, simple, functional wardrobe item. I’m actually following the pattern (so far), with one small modification- I’m doing a little bit of shaping at the waist so it isn’t quite so boxy.

The yarn is a nice thick dark brown Romney 3 ply-

IMG_0268 (Medium)

that i will have to spin quite a bit more of in order to finish. Don’t know what it is with me and the 3-ply lately. It’s a bunch more work, but I love it anyway.

This is how far I’ve gotten-

IMG_0263 (Medium)

About half way up the back. The square thing sticking out the side is a pocket, that will get sewn down to the inside front when the vest is assembled. Here’s a better photo of how that works out:

IMG_0269 (Medium)

That’s all for now, except…..

First person to guess what I’m going to be for Halloween gets a prize!


  1. sheepsclothing

    Dorothy is a good guess,, but I’m leaving her in the closet this year, as a new costume is in the works!
    HInt #2: Think sheep!

  2. sheepsclothing

    We have a winner! Bo Peep it is. I’m very excited about the Peep-ness. Another custom creation by Mom, costumer extrordinaire!

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the Spin-In, though- I’ve got a field trip down to Whidbey for my Livestock Adviser class. Farm tour at Camelot Downs (Romney & Southdown sheep, lots of poultry- mostly heritage breeds). If it was closer, I might be able to do both,, but I’m afraid it might be too much for one day. Are you doing any of the Judith McKenzie classes in Nov? I’m signed up for the first one, on the 5th-


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