More Loose Ends

The weaving report: I finally got about 13 inches woven on my handspun sampler, and decided that was enough for now, so I cut it off the loom, and now rather than the project itself being a loose end, the project is a mess of loose ends! I’m sure there is a better method for finishing it, but for now I’ve tied all the little ends in pairs so it doesn’t unravel itself.

weaving with loose ends

My first weaving. It’s simple, and certainly not perfect, but it’s fabric. Cool, eh?

First Fabric

Didn’t quite finish sock #2 this week,

Socks in progress

but working with those bright fruity colors has motivated me to dye up another batch of sherbet-y goodness:

Fresh and Fruity

Kool Aid is so much fun.


  1. Michelle

    Yep, love that Kool-Aid! I always laugh when we’re in a store near the stuff, because my six-year-old son says, “Look, Mom, there’s dye!” What did you use to dye those gorgeous locks?

  2. Denise

    Hi Michelle-
    One batch is Mango & Cherry and the other is Strawberry-
    I just blended them together on my combs and it came out this fabulous tropical fruit punch kind of color. Will have photos of that soon!


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