This Week in Pictures


Shetland of many colors-

IMG_0184 (Medium)


Purple Haze from the stash (b-day gift from thoughtful co-workers!)

IMG_0189 (Medium)


Tilly, from A Fine Fleece. Finished. Just needs ends woven in.

IMG_0182 (Medium)


Zipper arrived, and I’d better buckle down and finish the Urban Aran before it gets really cold out.

IMG_0174 (Medium)

Casting On:

Purple Haze and Tangerine Blaze. Match made in heaven?

IMG_0178 (Medium)

& studying up!

Very exciting- I’m taking the Livestock adviser class in Everett this Fall. This week was Poultry 101. Next week is Grass-fed beef. Hopefully we’ll get to sheep sometime soon.

IMG_0183 (Medium)

Denise out.

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