My Kind of Harvest

This years tree fruit crop was kind of a bust.

Cold, wet spring weather didn’t help with getting things pollinated, so we’re a little light on the cherries, peaches, pears and such. Apples are coming along, but won’t be ripe until probably sometime in October.

But look what I found ready for the picking out in the orchard today:

Appletree Wool Worm

There was Ulla, up a tree, makin’ like she’s an Appletree Wool Worm or someting.

Ulla looked so happy up there that Tilly-in-progress decided she needed a piece of the action as well:

Tilly in a Tree

Made quite a bit of progress on the Tilly scarf this week, on account of me now being a bus-knitter.

Yes, indeed. I am switching commute modes. I learned the basics of the routes involved in getting me to and fro, bought myself a pass and I’m on my way.

Things have gone pretty smoothly so far. I’m saving gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, and I figure it buys me about and extra half-hour or more of knitting a day.

Win-Win, eh?

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  1. Tina T-P

    Cute post – love the new scarf you are working on – I think that you have a picture of my bag on your post from the NWW Fair – would it be OK if I snagged a copy of it?

    Liked your etsy shop too. T.


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