Moose Sheep- one Fine Yarn

I finally had some time this week to devote to Gigi of the velvety chocolate mousse fleece ( does that make her a Moose Sheep?).

I combed, and then spun it up in my usual long-ish draw method. Gigi’s wool is quite fine, and has a wonderful silky feel. It was such an easy spin- and the result is a beautiful lofty skein that is next-to-the-skin soft.

Gigi sampler-warmer

(My little swatch came out at 5.5 stitches to the inch- which seems about right for this yarn- a little finer than I usually spin)

A classic pairing would Gigi and some white alpaca (Mopetto!) for a Chocolate and Vanilla type of colorwork with a little bit of alpaca fuzz aura.
Gigi and Mopetto


Maybe with some raspberry topping?

Gigi and Mopetto with a Raspberry on top-edited

It’s sounding more like a sundae than a sweater all the time-

I’ve got raspberries on the brain- and thankfully in the garden as well!

Raspberries in the garden

Gotta love berry season-

Denise out.

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