Shades of the Little Country (or, I am Rich in Wool!)

It was a mighty good trip.

Lots of quality family time, beautiful wedding, lively reception (danced up a storm)

and wool.

Beautiful Shetland wool. (you just knew I’d squeeze that in, didn’t you?)

A post or two ago I mentioned that I had contacted Juliann at Little Country Acres about visiting.

Well, Thursday was the day.

We showed up a bit early (felt bad about catching them off-guard) but Juliann and Tom ( it is Tom, right?) were such gracious hosts. They took us back to meet the sheep, and we talked about all kinds of sheep stuff, “oohed” and “ahhed” over the sweet little lambs, and had a good ole time.

And then I asked if she might have any wool available. Thought I might buy a fleece or two, as a souvenir, you know-

I came away with three! And she wouldn’t take anything for them. Said they were last years and she couldn’t vouch for what kind of shape they were in. I was dumbfounded. But I gladly collected them up in a garbage bag and hauled away my woolly booty.

I just got them in the mail yesterday (mom shipped them back for me) and finally had a chance to really get in there and check them out.

They are really very nice. Soft, crimpy, and in fabulous colors- Ulla is a lovely warm taupe-ish shade, Gigi is milk chocolate, and Mariah is a black with silvery touches and a white spot! So, I will have to do something philanthropic with at least some of this beautiful wool to keep the good vibrations flowing.

Here are the pics-

First Ulla (outside, then underside):
LCA Ulla- outsideLCA Ulla- underside

Then Gigi:
LCA Gigi- outsideLCA Gigi- underside

And finally Mariah:
LCA Mariah- outsideLCA Mariah- underside

And here is my first little sample of yarn (chain-plied):
Shades of Little Country Acres

You can’t really see Mariah represented very clearly in that photo- must have been hiding in the back of the skeinlet. No worries- We’ll see more of her later.

And would you believe, I came home from my trip to find that the man had hooked me up with some freshly shorn alpaca! What a guy. So ,without further ado, here is sweet, soft, silky Mopetto:
Mopeto blanket

Wow. Now I really have to put a freeze on fiber acquisitions.

But man, if feels good to be rich in wool!


  1. sheepsclothing

    So sorry, Michelle. No lambies this time. Really wish I could have- But then Juliann says she does ship them sometimes… did you have your eye on one in particular? 🙂


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