She shoots, she scores!

It figures, that the one time I set my mind on a sweater that someone else thought up- it would be one that is out of print and not available on most store shelves.

I was starting to think that I was gong to have to buy the leaflet on Ebay and wait for it in the mail. But hoping against hope, I stopped by one of my LYSs, and sifted through all their baskets and stacks of pattern sheets and booklets, and just when I was about to say “when”, I stumbled upon it:
urban aran pattern photo

The Urban Aran- Patons “Street Smart” booklet #500989.

Ah- sweet relief! I don’t have to figure out and chart those cables on my own! I can just figure out how I want to modify it, and get started. Here are the materials (a sampling, anyway):
romney three-ply for urban aran

And here is my little gauge swatch (Isn’t it cute?) It really is square- it just looks warped in the photo. I think that the reason I’m so enamored of this swatch is because it just looks so pristine and neat and tidy, and I can remember when the fleece it’s made from was dirty and stinky and laying out on the driveway after I hauled it out of the feed sack it was stuffed in. Quite a transformation!
urban aran gauge swatch

And I think it’s going to make a gorgeous sweater-

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