It’s raining combs!

Well, wouldn’t you know, as soon as I am able to get my hands on one set of combs, another one appears! And here I’ve been waiting for going on three months to use some. Too funny.

I am a very lucky girl to be surrounded by such a generous bunch of fiber folks.

These combs that I’m playing with now have been kindly loaned to me by Julie, a fellow spinner. They are double row Indigo Hound Viking Combs.
Indigo Hound Viking Combs

These guys aren’t as big and heavy as the John Meck English Combs, and they can be used with one in each hand, working one across the other, but they come with a little table clamp that you can use to hold one down while you’re dizzing off it, or I suppose you could use the clamp to work with one stationary like the other set. However, it’s not nearly as beefy a set-up. I suspect you wouldn’t want to put the little table clamp under a lot of pressure.

I do like these guys. They would probably work really well for most fleeces- liberating and veg and short bits (second cuts, anyone?) and giving you a nice smooth, silky top to play with. Can be a good upper-body workout, too- but do be careful, and don’t go nuts swingin’ those babies around. They are mighty sharp!

Though I’ve been truly captivated by the combs of late, I have managed to make some significant progress on the sweater project. However, the sweater is part of a “process” piece that I entered in the arts and crafts show at work, so I’m unable to photograph it right at the moment. (The show opens Monday. Perhaps I’ll go and take some photos then.)

But, since I have no sweater to work on until Friday, and it is truly a scary thing to not have a knitting project somewhere nearby, I am casting on again.
Instant Gratification project

This is the Merino/Silk that I bought just after Christmas as an instant gratification spinning project. Now it is the instant gratification knitting project. It will be a Seafoam Scarf, knit lengthwise. Simple. Elegant. Sorta like this one. That’s the plan, anyway. Let just hope there is enough of it to make a respectable sized scarf.

Stay tuned.

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