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Flying Needles

The Griff Twisted stitches vest is a wrap!

And here it is with the collar turned back-

And the armhole finishing detail

Only loose ends to be woven in, then it’s ready to wear. So excited about how the mods works out. 🙂

Was really a fun, satisfying knit too. One I could see doing again, maybe an Esther version?

And speaking of flying needles, did some planning this weekend for travel knitting. Arguably the most important bit of packing.

Enough to keep the hands busy for a week? We shall see—


7.93 inches of rain so far this month. 2.39 of that today alone

I’m very thankful that the sheep and chickens have a comfy shed to hang out in. I went out and got some more straw this afternoon so they have fresh bedding. Everything gets mucky fast when it’s so wet out there.

Inside, I made some progress today on prep for my Expo zoom class. I shot a set of short videos documenting the washing of a batch of fleece. Hoping that The Man can help me edit it into a useful little demo for the class.

I’m really happy with how the Jacob fleece from down the road is washing up. Very soft and fluffy-

Next up, carding! hand carding, drum carding, flick carding. options abound—

And, I am excited to report that I just cast off the back of the Griff Traveling Stitches vest!

I think tiny Gus is kind of jealous. I might need to make one for him one as well. It would look super cute on him. 🙂

So now it’s time for blocking. Blocking and assembling, before I can work on the neckline. I am kind of anxious to see how my v-neck/shawl collar hybrid is going to play out. Looks like I’m doing ok on yarn yardage, so that’s a relief. Enough left for a nice substantial collar.

Alrighty folks. Hope you and yours are all staying dry and safe as the waters continue to rise.

Making and Mending

In the making category-my Griff Traveling Stitches vest continues to flow fairly smoothly off the needles- I’ve made a few silly mistakes along the way, but nothing that I haven’t been able to fix by dropping back a few stitches and rearranging/reknitting.

I’m just finishing the waist shaping on the back. At this rate, I might have this done in a couple weeks.

I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the kind of neckline/collar that I’m envisioning. But it seems like it should work….

Took a little break from knitting this weekend to do a little spinning. This is more of that gray mystery fleece from back in August that made such a nice squishy cap. Silver lining to cold rainy weather is being able to dry yarn on the pellet stove again.

Think I’ll do the same thing again, chaining the yarn as I knit to make it kind of aran/chunky weight.

And in the mending category- I got my neat little darning loom out to finally fix a hole in a wool top that I’d left too long. It had started to run, and so I figured it was now or never.

Here I am in stage two of the mend

Stage three complete-

I should have taken a before pic (oops) but you can get an idea of the damaged area from the back

It was a little tricky getting it mounted on the darning loom because the fabric is pretty stretchy, but it got easier as I went on (anchoring each sucessive patch in the edge of the previous). Hopefully now this comfy shirt will see much more wear. yay!

And also this week, I got some lovely quince from Schoonover Farm. OMG folks, have you ever smelled quince? (if only someone could develop scratch and sniff technology for the web)

And today The Man turned them into jam

So yum.

Have a good week everyone-

Virtual Expo Planning

Looks like this year’s WSU Country Living Expo is going to be web-based again. Last year I sat it out because I wasn’t up to trying to convert what are usually very hands-on classes into zoom offerings. But it sounds like there is strong interest in the subject matter, so this year I’m going to give it a try, at least for the Wool Processing one.

To make the whole thing more manageable and hopefully make up for the lack of actual hands on experience people would otherwise get with carders and combs and such, I’m thought I’d record a series of demo videos of start-to-finish processing of a fleece that I can pull up during the class. And I’m also going to make up fiber sample packs of that same fleece in different stages of prep for the folks who register.

But, as it turns out, I’d already washed up all my fleeces from this year! So I had to acquire one for this purpose. This fleece is from Persia, a Jacob who lives a few miles down the road from us. I don’t think I’ve ever processed Jacob wool before, so it seemed like a cool opportunity.

Was out in the hoophouse recording the first of the series- fleece intro and skirting, but Boo kitten kept trying to get in on the action

I’m in the middle of my little video and out of nowhere she pops up and starts nesting in my wool. Silly girl. It was only after I took this photo that I realized how well she matches the fleece with all it’s smoky gray shades- So maybe it was meant to be. I was eventually able to get a few kitten-free minutes of footage that should work.

And I’m making good progress on my Griff Twisted Stitches vest- Front is complete, and I’m about 3 inches into the back. Really enjoying this knit so far, and I think it will end up being something I wear a lot too.

That’s about it here- hope you all have a a good halloween. We’ll just be laying low here- critters will get treats, and we’ll hope for no tricks!