Works in Progress

Project #1: The fencing. With the gates up now I feel like we’re really getting there! Can’t you just imagine little woolly bodies out there chomping away?
Pasture Gates 04-18-09

Project#2: Spinning replacement Border Leicester for Experimental Sweater:
New Spun replacement BL

Project #3: Ted the Bear, minus arms-

Ted the Bear

I’ve made this little bear about 5-6 times now, and it’s a really good pattern. It’s Blue Sky Alpacas’ “Bobbi Bear”, but made with Lamb’s Pride bulky on size 8-9 needles. So instead of turning out almost two feet tall, he is maybe 10 inches high. Also make some other mods to the head, leg and arm shaping.
He’s a real cute little guy once you put some ears and a face on him. Placement of the facial features is the key to making him look friendly and happy. Will post more photos once he’s complete!

Death, Taxes and Unknitting

These three things are inevitable.

1. This weekend,  3 of our poor, long-suffering goldfish bit the dust. Scooped the little buggers out the pond yesterday.

2. Waited until the last minute this year, but got the taxes filed this morning, and

3. Finally mustered the courage to unknit a good portion of the Experimental Sweater. It’s not surprising that there is a need to unknit, seeing as it is an experimental sweater, and I’m figuring this thing out as I go. But it was hard to do, because I had pushed through and pretty much finished the knitting on it before I came to terms with the fact that the yarn I chose was just Not Quite Right.

Right color.
Wrong weight.

It just wasn’t hanging correctly. Felt to heavy at to bottom to be swingy, like I imagined it.

So I’ve ripped.

Recently Unknit BL

And now I must start again-

Border Leicester fleece

But, the wonderful thing about knitting is, you can always have a do-over.

Denise out.

Fun in the Sun

This weekend we had 2 days of beautiful weather- which means I am almost too pooped to blog. But I had to put up some photos to document the fact that Spring Has Arrived (finally). Some of the things springing up around here—


Peonies 04-09


Rhubarb 0409

((I probably just jinxed us))

Even though the blog has been focused mostly on new fleece acquisitions in recent weeks, I have been getting some knitting in-

Presenting Miami socks and coordinating Tassel Hat (which you’d probably never have a need for in Miami):

Miami Socks and Hat 0409

And Roman Holiday socks:

Italian Sock 0409

Roman Holiday socks are so named because a friend of mine went to Rome in March and brought me back two beautiful balls of Italian 8ply merino superwash wool as a souvenir!

Wool. Always the perfect gift.

Anyway, I carried the Italian wool around with me for a while, trying to figure out how I wanted to use the two colors together, then I just made up what I think is kind of a cool pattern. Here it is a little closer:

Italian Sock close

I almost think I like the wrong side better, though-

Italian Sock insideout

I think they’re going to be pretty schnazzy.

In other news, we did some more work on the fencing this weekend-

Fencing 04-09

And while it is exhausting work,, I’m mighty pleased to be doing it. Each H-brace brings me a little closer to having sheep.

Knit on!

(the one I haven’t told you about yet)

You may know that last week I scored big on bargain wool.
(last post)
Big BFL (I think) fleece.
Lovely stuff. And not my usual breed, so it got priority billing on the blog.

But I did come home with one other, as well.
Here is my other happy bargain fleece, a nice sized Shetland (maybe lamb?) in gray/taupe/brown.

Acme Shetland Mar 09

I do so love the multicolored ones.

So here are some more photos:

Acme Mar09 Shetland

Acme Shetland Mar 09 locks

I lost a lot of the dark brown in skirting it, as a lot of that was really short (and/or cruddy). Actually, I find the lighter color- the gray/taupe- really beautiful.

And a little random sample I knit up-

Acme Shetland Mar 09 swatch

Sorry there’s nothing in there to provide scale. It’s about 6 stitches/inch. Got a really nice silky feel, too. Probably a little too short to comb effectively,, so I’ll end up carding or just flicking this guy.

Guess I’d better get busy, eh?