Author: denisemor

Baking Beneficiary

Today the Man and I watched the Seahawks from the kitchen as he made little pizzas. They are off to an amazing start- 4 and 0!

I helped prep toppings and such, but The Man is now the uncontested king of dough on the homestead, and makes a mighty fine crispy crust.

It started out a couple months ago with yeasted breads- ciabatta, baguettes. But he has recently developed an interest in sourdough-

And has even ventured into sweet territory with these killer cinnamon rolls

It’s such a treat to have fresh bread. I especially enjoy it toasted in the morning with eggs from my chicken friends.

Speaking of chicken friends, I wanted to give a shout out to Yellow Chig, who has finally stopped feeling broody and was up to coming out for a bit of a walkaround the other day.

She spent a little time checking out my work on the hoophouse site and enjoying some fresh grass, but is pretty happy these days just hanging loose in her independent living condo, away from the pressures of the pecking order.

I’m thinking that once we get the hoophouse constructed I will be able to find a nice spot in there for her to overwinter.

I did get a bit of knitting done this week- haven’t jumped into the big project (Alcott vest) yet, but am biding my time with another hat, Mountain and Valley (though I have to say I have taken some liberties with the pattern)

That’s Fiona yarn again, but this time paired with a polwarth and silk blend in a tarnished copper penny-ish colorway. The different colors aren’t coming through as clearly as I hoped, but it might be that I spun it too fine and the different shades got a bit muddled. I might spin the remaining 6 oz a bit thicker. But in any case it does still give a warm brown/gold contrast to Fiona’s light fawn. And it is marvelously soft.

Hope to have more hoophouse progress to share next week- take care, and stay safe!

After the Rains

Over the course of this past week we got 3.04 inches of rain! So we are now thoroughly dampened and out of any fire danger. Air is nice and clear too!

Now that the curtain of rain has parted, we find ourselves well and fully in Fall. Sheep seem pleased with the change of seasons-

And decided to take Goadldi’s suggestion and make a pair of fingerless mitts from my first Fiona skein

Just kind of winged it with the pattern, and initially they turned out a little too large, but the addition of a cable down the top and ribbing on the palm pulled them in just perfectly to make a snug fit

In hoophouse news, we’ve got the corner groundposts in! Been slow getting started because the site is a little challenging, but now that we’ve established the footprint and are confident that everything is square, I think we are on our way.

Hoping that we’ll have nice crisp Fall weather for a while so we can keep this project moving!

Ps. Go Hawks! 3 and 0! Woo Hoo 🙂

All Spun Up

Picking up where I left off last weekend, here is the first skein of baby Fiona yarn-

Still Life with Wool and Apples 🙂

I love the heathery oatmeal color. Just what I was hoping for! The little girl has also turned out to be super friendly, so that is awesome. Such a little sweetie.

In other news, I finally got myself some rooting hormone so I took a little time the other day to harvest some one of our beautiful old rhodies that is on it’s last legs. Here is a photo of it a few years ago when it was in better shape- it’s the dark purple one in the middle of the photo

Here are the little cuttings all prepped and tucked in their pots

and then they go into their ziplock bags to keep them nice and humidified during their incubation.

So now we wait. And maybe in a few months, if the stars align correctly, one or more of them might root and the dark purple rhody’s legacy will continue. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, we’ve got our hands full with a new project!

Yes indeed- its a hoophouse! All the pieces, at least. “Some Assembly Required” you know.

Thankful to have a big project to focus on for the next couple of months, and very excited about the prospect of starting seeds out their early next spring!