It’s Alive!!!

The E-Spinner is up and running 🙂 🙂 🙂

In the video it doesn’t look like the flyer is going very fast, but I guess that has something to do with the camera- it was probably going about 900-1000 rpm.

We still have to construct the lid for the box to cover the motor and controller, and also figure out how we want to do the scotch tension, but I have rigged up a temporary brake band for the bobbin so that I can play with it.

We’re going to use the same walnut for the lid as the base-


I think he’s so handsome. Going to call him Moto.


In other news, I got most of the rest of Dottie and Chone sheared yesterday. Really nice fleeces this year!
Dottie was being a bit of a fusser, so I had to ask The Man to help me out. She’s mostly done, but still has fluffy haunches. I’ll have to clean her up later on.

It’s amazing how much wool she and Chone grow in a year. then when you help them out of their coats, they are just tiny little buggers.
I had partially sheared Dottie in the Fall (maybe late September?), just in the front about to her waist (do sheep have waists!) and she had regrown at least four inches. So I might need to shear her every six months. The even longer wool on her back end did get a little felted over the winter, but should still be workable. Might need to get out the combs!



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