Washing Options

—Cold Water bath.
  • Effective at releasing dirt.
  • Will not remove lanolin. Much like leaving wool out to be washed by rainwater.
  • If a fleece is really dirty, this is sometimes a good pre-wash.
Fermented Suint Bath:
  • same cold water bath used over many times.
  • Fermented suint substance from the wool in previous baths takes on detergent-like role in degreasing and cleaning fiber.
  • —Very stinky
  • —May spoil in hot weather.
  • —If the bath is very strong, may damage fibers if left in too long.
Hot Water (loose, in bags, or layered)

  • —How to organize wool for washing? Range of techniques from “not at all” to “carefully placing individual locks into little bundles”
  • —Water Temp? 120-140 (some say hotter)
  • —Cleanser?  dishwashing soap (nothing with bleach or enzymes, though), wool wash, Orvis paste? Many specialty products out there for washing wool, but they can be significantly more expensive.
  • Never use anything with bleach in it on wool. Bleach will DISSOLVE wool.

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