Selecting a Fleece

Using your Senses, and Good Sense!

Complete Raw Fleece Outside
Complete Raw Fleece Outside

#1: Sight

  • Color
  • Length
  • Crimp
  • Vegetable Matter
  • Moths or Other Bugs
  • Scurf
  • Dung Tags
  • Second Cuts
  • Breeding Markers



#2: Touch

Fleece, Skein and Swatch
Fleece, Skein and Swatch
  • greasy, or tacky?
  • staple length intact, or broken?
  • brittle tips?
  • matting?
  • fine textured, medium or coarse?

#3: Smell

  • fresh “sheepy” smell?
  • mildew, mold?
  • urine?
  • ram-smell?

#4: Intended Use

do you have a specific project in mind?

or are you spinning just for the joy of it?

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