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Just Because



I am powerless to resist Zauberball.

And you can never have too many cool socks.

So there you go.

Still not quite ready to resume Autumn’s End.
It was going fine, but I’m at that point where the body gets joined to the arms and the yoke shaping starts (in an overall lace pattern) And I don’t have enough available memory (or attention span) to process that right at the moment.

For now I’m content to watch the colors change as I K2 P1 over the next 7 inches of cuff.

Hot Hot Hot


Best to stay in the shade

and munch apple branches.

Or hide in the house and play with wool.

You might remember that I kind of have a thing for Zauberball.
Zauberball makes great socks. But it also makes awesome cowls.
I give you…….ZauberCowls. 🙂



Fun, eh?

Also been trying out a new hat pattern- Honegart by Stephen West


I’ve always liked earflap hats, and this one is nice and thick and squishy with the garter stitch and the honeycomb cabling.
Gotta be ready for when those cooler days come back around!

Back from the Stormy Coast

Spent most of the last week down in Cannon Beach, Oregon, where the weather was dramatic and alternately gorgeous and awful.

Here is some of the gorgeousness-



Great time of year to go, though- as we had the place almost completely to ourselves!

I got a fair bit of argyling done while we were there, too


(Yep. Sadie pup came with!)
Done with the patterned part of the first sock, and on to number 2-


There have been a few setbacks that cost me some time (I’ve learned that ripping back and re-knitting intarsia is kind of a bugger),and I’ve learned that I need to be vigilant about checking for symmetry after completing each row.

But I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’m becoming an Argyler!

Gonna have to get me more Zauberball.

Crazy ZauberGyle!

The urge to Argyle is strong, so I’m going with it.

The up-side of having a fairly robust stash is that when you need to get something started quick, there are usually yarn options at hand!

For this particular venture, I selected some leftover Crazy Zauberball, and coordinated with a couple of neutrals.

Working from a cool old Bear Brand pattern booklet from 1950 as a general guide


and my own computer-generated chart (because I wanted a stitch count that was a little different from the booklet options)


I cast on and got started argyling!


Here is the back-


Neat, eh?

Intarsia is a little fussy because of all the strands that tend to get tangled up as you interlock them going back and forth, but I think the result is going to be worth it.