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Monkey See

Monkey Do(s)!

2016-01-24 19.02.27

Not that I get to keep these guys, but I’m calling this one Mel.

2016-01-24 19.03.04

And this is George

2016-01-24 19.03.36

And Frieda

2016-01-24 19.03.58

And Maggie

2016-01-24 19.13.59

I still have some slabs of felted Frank and Felix wool available for use as monkey hairpieces, but I think I need a little break.  Gotta get some knitting done this week!

Argyle Accomplished, Monkey Business Resumes

They are done.


And I love them. I think I would make another pair, now that I’ve got the hang of it, except for all the ends!
I’m going to think about it a while and see if I can dream up a way to reduce the amount of weaving in required.

I’ve gotten a bit of a start on Burr (yep, I’ve decided to just go for it), but it doesn’t look like much yet, and the black yarn is so hard to photograph, so we’ll revisit that later.

But in other news, I’ve found another use for fancy Griff curls-
Check out the ‘do on that monkey!


Yep. I’m back in monkey production mode. Once they are assembled and embroidered these guys will be going to a local non-profit that provides temporary housing to kids who are having to enter foster care.