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Blog’s New Home

Hey- Thanks for dropping in!

I’ve been taking a web design class the last couple of months, and in the process have built this new site. It’s been a lot of fun, and I have learned a lot, but it’s probably taken some of my attention away from blogging each weekend.

So now that I’ve got my own domain and the blog is all moved over to it’s new home, I hope to be able to give it a little more of my time and energy.

In knitting news, I’m still working on socks for nephews.


But I’m getting mighty close.

Less than half a sock to go. With any luck I can get them in the mail some time this week!

Also been working on a new variation on the Griff+mohair theme


Not quite as flashy as the multicolor singles, but I think it has interesting possibilities-

Question for y’all-

What do you recommend for post-sock-marathon leisurely holiday travel knitting?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir- Three Bobbins Full

In an effort stay on track with the Urban Aran project, I’ve gone into production mode on white Romney this week. The plan is to stay two or three skeins ahead so I don’t stall out on the knitting.

3 bobbins full

While it is product-focused spinning, I rather enjoy it. The combed fiber spins up so fast and easy- it’s relaxing and rewarding at the same time. I really like the romney, with its long staple, and its luster- spun up softly so that light filters through, it almost glows.

And the resulting squooshy three-ply is nice to knit with, too. Easy on the hands. Here is the project so far-

Urban Aran 06-08-08

Was down in Seattle today, returning Sam to his folks and had a chance to stop by Weaving Works in the University district. If you’re ever there (or anywhere near) I highly recommend a visit. It’s a great shop, and they have lots of good stuff. (Nice that they are open Sundays, too.) I scored a bitty-bag-o’-Mohair, but otherwise kept my fiber-hoarding tendencies in check.

Public Service Message: Next Saturday, June 14 is national Knitting In Public day. Hope to see y’all out and about!