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Getting Market-Ready!

If you’ve been on the blog lately you might have noticed that I’ve been busy for the last couple months making hats in preparation for the Bow Little Market Holiday Festival.


It occurred to me just recently that I might need a better way to display the hats than just laying them out on the door that I’ve been using as a table.

This weekends’ DIY mission: Hat Stand for Holiday Market!


Do you recognize the materials?


A small tomato cage and three wire hangers never looked so good!


Plus some tennis balls, and a few stray balls of yarn-


Ta Da!



In other news, Jonasson Farm had their fall Fleece Sale on Saturday, and I just happened to be in the neighborhood. 🙂

I went there specifically to get more dyed mohair locks


but came home with a Border Leicester lamb fleece as well.


I tried, but I couldn’t resist.

Free-rangin’ Field Trip

So, I had this thought the other day that maybe the sheep could save us some mowing.

We have a couple patches of grass in the lawn that are still growing, and with as dry as the pasture is, I figured the sheep might enjoy some fresh greenery.

So I invited them out into the yard-

And all they wanted to do was eat the fruit trees. I should have figured.

(please pardon Felix’s shaggy butt and undercarriage. He has not been very cooperative when I’ve attempted to tidy him up recently)

I was finally able to lure them back into the pasture with more branches. Was kind of fun having them out for a while, and they were pretty well behaved. Too bad they wouldn’t eat the grass for me though. Guess we still have to mow.

In other news- the market was a lot of fun this past Thursday. I sold some carded fiber and  hats (way cool!), but not much yarn, which I found surprising.


I’m going to go back to the Bow Little Market for their last day of the regular market season, Sept 3 (since I’ve got the prep done already) Think I’m going to try and knit a couple more hats between now and then, to highlight how the yarn on display looks when used in stranded colorwork-