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May’s Splendor

First rose in bloom, Therese Bugnet


Bearded Iris from a friend


Lilac scenting the whole yard


Deciduous azalea


Fig tree just starting to leaf out- with tiny figs already formed!


Another soft and squishy skein of Esther fingerling weight yarn


The grass is growing like crazy, and the sheep are hard at work munching it down. Just a couple of bales left in the woodshed- much to the chagrin of Boo Kitten, who is usually found lounging atop the stacked hay.


I can’t wait to have a shed full of sweet smelling bales again!

Hay Day!

The hay is here!

Lovely 2nd cut local grass hay, stacked in the sheep shed.
And that makes me so happy 🙂


of course, the chickens think it is for them (think jungle gym)



Crazy chickens.

Oh- also wanted to mention that I’m planning to participate in the Bow Little Market Fiber Day on August 18.
I’m a little better organized this year, and even have a sign!


Should be lots of fun. I’ll have hats, yarn, and fiber- and a bit of a knitalong thing going!


So if you’re in the area, please stop by and say hi, and maybe knit a few rows-

Hey Howdy Hay!

Got me some nice local grass hay yesterday!


2nd cutting. Just over a ton.

And I’m so pleased to be able to put it in the sheep shed this year.

We finally got the roof done, and separated the sheep half from the hay/people stuff half.

Here is a view of the hay/people half from the sheep side-


And vice versa-


Here’s Edgar, having just approved the new placement of the mineral feeder-


And Felix and Griff enjoying our unusually lush late-July pasture.


Guess all this rain is good for something!

I’m still working on getting a bunch of fiber ready for my annual Langley crafting retreat this week.


I’ve got three batts of Chone all worked up (on the right), some shetland/dyed mohair blend (center), and some misc leftovers that might come along too (left).
Hope to still do some more carding tonight.

So hard to decide what to take!