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Tidying Up

Finally got a hold of Frank and Felix today, and managed to get their haircuts finished up (Yay!)

Frank wasn’t thrilled to be the subject of my fussing, but was a good boy once I got the halter on him


Felix was another story. He resisted right to the end.
So no pictures on that one.
Man am I pooped.

But they both look fairly respectable now, so I’m calling it good.

In other wool news, I did a little bit of dyeing this weekend!

Trying out Abundant Earth Wool Tinctures


Each packet dyes 7 oz of wool


Since I was dyeing fleece rather than yarn, I decided to go with my big pot, just so that the fleece would be able to move freely in the bath (yes, that is Gus commandeering my chair 🙂 )


Here are the Blood Orange “teabags” dissolving in the pot


And the fleece fresh out of the bath


Fleece in the pot taking up Deep Water in batch #2.


The colors are fabulous. I had a little issue with the Deep Water breaking into bright blue and hunter green- and I’m not sure what I might have done to cause that. Perhaps I screwed up the addition of the citric acid. But once dried and carded together, it all came together nicely- here is a sample skein


I Felt That!

This week’s hat, pre-felting


and on my head for scale.


and here it is after a trip through the washer and drier-



It’s got a soft  fuzzy halo from the mohair in the yarn, and the multicolor yarns “cook” down so nicely.


Working with these fun colors this week got me inspired to do a little more dyeing.

Teal, yellow, moss green and red should give me lots of nice blending  options.


II especially  liked the range of shades I got in my red batch.


That will be a lot of fun to play with once it dries, but in the meantime here are the beginnings of next week’s hat.  Gotta have something on the needles!




I am now officially between sweaters.

Haven’t figured out what the next big project will be.

That might start to bother me soon, but right now I’m having fun playing with all my cool new colors 🙂

I also have a pair of “in the meantime” socks going


Love love love the Zauberball.

In fact, I do so love the zauberball that I’ve made an attempt to spin some of my own zauberball-esque yarn


here it is a little closer.


Here’s another experimental skein that I think looks a little bit Noro-ish


And then there are the single color samplers


Fresh and fruity little mini skeins.

Blue Monday

That’s what I heard on the radio this morning. Today is supposed to be the pits: the holidays are over, it’s cold & rainy, everyone has realized the extent of their Christmas debt and are already breaking their New Year’s resolutions.

The heck with that. As far as I can tell, today is a pretty darn good day.

I’m off work. It is beautiful and sunny out, though a bit cold. Blue Sky. (Maybe that’s the blue they’re talking about?)

Blue Sky In January!

I’ve got two happy pups to keep me company.

Doggie Butts

I’ve got lots of wool to play with- and thanks to the first item I mentioned, I have time to play with it!

It’s always best if I can do my wool washing and dying when the man is off working or distracted with other activities, so today is my day. I’m washing up some of that lovely dark Romney lamb fleece, and dying some gray yarn and some white fleece from the stash.

It’s a mighty rare day in January that you can dry fleece outside, but that’s what I’m doin’.

Wool Drying Outside

And here are some more of those January blues. Nice , eh?

The Blues