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Pre-Christmas Stay-cation

It was quite a week-

Measuring and mixing.

Beating and blending.

Scraping and rolling.

Baking, cooling, frosting.

Packing and Shipping.

But I made it. All 13 batches of it.

Then I sent it off to friends and family. (ok, not ALL of it. I kept a little for local munching)

And I’m afraid I didn’t take any pictures of the process. I was just glad to get it all done in time.

Of course, I made sure to take wool breaks to ensure I retained my sanity in the midst of all this cookie craziness.

Exhibit A- Oscar Socks


I started these socks months ago, when the recipients feet were only as long as the white part! Yeeks!

Exhibit B- Custom Photo Glove/Mitts


These are a not-so-secret Christmas present for The Man. Still need thumbs and index fingers (with openings for finger tips), but I’m getting close!

And the spinning-



Mioget Shetland with blonde mohair and gold tussah silk, Border Leicester, and some CVM/Suffolk cross.

Yum. High fiber goodies. Healthiest things I made all week!

Now perhaps I can just relax and enjoy the holidays 🙂

Let the Games Begin!

This week I am taking off work to participate in the Christmas Cookie Olympics.

I plan to compete in the following events:

Cinnamon Mandelbrot
Sugar Cookies
Fruit and Nut Bread

and perhaps Pfeffernusse and Cardamom Biscotti if I have strength left.

This is the view from the starting blocks


All ingredients are present and accounted for, and I’m going to get a start first thing in the morning.

Dough chilling, baking and cookie cooling time will hopefully offer me the opportunity to take some wool breaks, as I do have a few little non-baking projects that I need to wrap up pretty quick!

The goal is to have everything packed up and shipped out by Saturday the 17th.

See you at the finish line- 🙂