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Her Name is Dolores

But I keep accidentally calling her Esther 🙂


Still working on her shawl. Hope to get that wrapped up later tonight or tomorrow.
So for now she is nekkid.
And sitting up high on a shelf, because Gus is way too interested in her.

I think she is super cool, with her felted Felix curls hairdo.

Now she needs outfits!

Baby chicken update- Mama#1 is doing well with her two bebes. They are about 2 weeks old now and growing fast. Mama#2 has hatched out two chickies over the last couple of days and continues to sit on the remaining eggs. She’s the girl who raised up 12 chicks last year, so she’s got some experience with these things. Hoping that she sticks with it to get the other eggs to the finish line!

Cheepers by the Dozen

It turns out there are 12 baby chickens, not 11!

I could sit and watch them for hours, so
here is a little footage of them learning how to dust bath-

Only about a week old, but they seem more mature than I remember our farmstore chicks being at the same age.
I think having an attentive mama (instead of a heat lamp) must help.
Go figure, eh? 🙂

Happy early Mother’s Day!

Walk-ins Welcome

Scenes from the beautyshop





Shearing Edgar is always fun.
I sit on a rock, and he casually saunters over.
I let him sniff the shears and ask him if he wants a little off the top.
I usually start right behind the ears, carefully opening up a pathway through his lovely lanolin-y wool.

Once I’ve got the back of his neck uncovered, I give him a little massage.
I think the massage is why he likes getting sheared so much- that and feeling the spring air on his skin for the first time in many months.

I slowly work my way back over his shoulders and down around his chest. (more massage)
He occasionally gets fidgety and needs to take a little break, so I try to not have too much wool hanging off of him at any point. I pull it off and collect it in my muck-bucket as I go.

We always and up doing the haircut in stages. Stage one is the Mullet.
Business in the front, Party in the back.
His nicest wool is on the front end, so I’m fine with letting him hang out for a while in Mullet Mode.

None of the other guys are quite so eager for me to take the shears to them, so they’ll need to be haltered.
But it’s always nice kick off shearing season with my buddy Edgar.

I also wanted to mention the the ChickieCam is back!
Chicks are just over a week old now and getting some of their big-girl feathers in. Super cute.

Spring Chickens

Are here!

5 Amerucanas and 5 Speckled Sussex came home Friday afternoon from our local farm store




They are so cute and perky and cheep-y. I could sit and watch them for hours.
But I do have other stuff to get done, so I try to just keep it to 10-15 minutes or so at a time 🙂

Some of that other stuff is wool-related.
I’ve been working on clearing up my fleece processing backlog.


I hope to dye this Felix/Frank yarn with madder sometime later this spring-

And after much waffling, I’ve decided to move ahead with the Chone-Burr sweater project. With this skein I should have almost enough yardage to complete it!


This weekend Edgar started casually inquiring about shearing dates. I think the recent balmy weather is making him anxious to get out of that heavy coat.
And the fleece looks really nice this year. I want to get it off him while it’s still in good shape!