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The Chicken Girls Accesorize

For a long time I’ve been thinking that our chicken feed bags were worth saving.


They are colorful, with cool chicken art, and I really couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.
Sometimes they even have different background colors, like this pink one for breast cancer awareness-


And they are fairly indestructible, being made of plastic woven tarp-like material-


And this week, while stuck home in the snow, I finally decided to do something with them!


Tote bags! Aren’t they sporty?
Great for the grocery, the farmers market, holding projects, etc. etc.

The material is a little bit of a pain to sew, because it slips around some, and it is really hard on stick pins, but the tote bag styling is really simple, and I think now that I’ve done a few the next batch will go faster and easier.


And in wool news, I am making steady progress on Cobblestone

One more sleeve, then we get to the exciting part: the yoke! A little texture, some short rows.
Pretty sure I’ve got the yarn to cover it now.

Haircut Buddies & Sharing Spaces

I think that Chone has forgiven me.


The silly bugger was really good for most of the haircut, but then out of nowhere he just kind of flipped out on me and he refused to let me finish. So now he’s got a really silly lookin’ fluffy butt.


Here’s his album cover shot.  He likes this one because you can’t see how silly his rear end looks.


Thought this was a cool shot of Edgar’s one-month grown out fleece. Starting to get a little curl back on the tips.

Looks so cute and sporty.


Yeah, I got all short and sporty this week, too. Probably not showing off to best effect here, but you get the idea.

Sadie got all brave and ventured into the pasture with us this morning. Here are she and Edgar negotiating her visitor privileges.


Thought this was a nice shot of the rivals playing nice and getting pets.


On the other side of the fence:

“Wow, did I just lay that?”


and “Hey, are you going to be done anytime soon?”


“Can’t wait any longer. Sorry!”


Summer Sun

The kind that shines and warms, casting shadows and causing contrast-y photos.

We finally got some.

Here’s my proof-


The berries are finally ripening-


And I finally weeded what veg is still hanging on in the garden-


Meanwhile, the sheeps were mostly hanging out, chewing their cud in the comfy shade of the shed-


All except Griff, of course. He tends to kind of do his own thing 🙂


Sadie the sunshine pup was all ready for a game of ball-


Chickens were out on patrol-


And it’s amazing how fast yarn dries outside when it’s warms out! Here’s some recently finished Edgar/Griff (top), and Felix/Frank, one of my first bulky attempts on the new Pirtle-


It’s supposed to cloud up again tomorrow.

But I think I got enough sunshine units today to carry me for a little while.

It’s brought me back from the brink of serious crankiness.

Whew. That was close.