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Kitten in the High Tower

I’ve been looking for a while, and just this week I finally got my hands on a shelving unit with great Kitten Tower potential!

I found it on this auction site, which I’ve found is a great way to get ahold of all kinds of random things that are being surplused from state agencies.

I liked how this unit is nice and open, and has shelves that are easily adjusted to permit a lot of different configurations.
I’ve got the litter box down low, but high enough off the ground to keep Gus from gaining access.


Up top is a a nice shallow produce box that makes a very luxurious kitten bed when outfitted with a thick and toasty felted sweater.


On the tall side I’ve rigged up a rolled jute rug that is a perfect scratching/climbing wall- this is the most adventurous route up to the penthouse!


And on the other side is her regular scratching post, which can also be used to access the middle level-


I’m also playing around with the idea of a hammock for an alternate lounging area- the current version is a deconstructed canvas tote bag.


I’m so pleased that she seems to like the new digs. She’s a good girl and I’m happy to share my wool room with her- we bond over our shared love of knitwear 🙂

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Walkin’ the sheeps

Got the boys a playground ball today, thinking that perhaps they could use some diversion out in the pasture, since they have so much leisure time.
But they didn’t seem to know what to make of it, we did some halter training instead.

For the first time ever sheep got to go out of the pasture on a field trip!
I thought we could walk around the yard, enjoy some unfamiliar grass, and then stop around back where there is a bunch of ivy growing (they love ivy).

Edgar is really my go-to guy for this kind of stuff.
He is so cooperative and just loves the attention. So I slipped on the halter and away we went.


He walked like a champ. Wish I had a video of it. We walked around the yard, and over to the orchard, and back to the ivy, where we stopped to let him much for a while.

Munch munch munch.


Here’s some shots from Chone’s turn-


with everyone from kitty to chickens (in the bushes to the right, where you can’t see them) in attendance to see why in the world the sheep are out of the pasture!


Chone was a little too nervous to enjoy the ivy so much, but did pretty good, considering that Wally was heckling him the whole time.

And here’s Edgar, talking me into giving him another go-


I’m such a sucker for a sweet sheep 🙂