Spinning Wheel Spa Day

Took some time this afternoon to give the spinning wheel herd some love.

Dusting, polishing, oiling- got the girls all spiffed and ready for another year of wool work!

Also enlisted The Man to make repairs to Dala’s (Mighty Red’s new moniker) front upright endcap. Here it is in it’s original state

And here is the repair in progress. Epoxy curing around a framework of copper wire to fill the void.

Been spinning on her all this time with the compromised piece, and it will be nice to finally have her axle securely tucked in.

And speaking of spinning- I turned a few blendy batts into singles this week-

Also continued to make progress on the unspun sweater, which is really starting to look like a sweater now that it’s got part of one sleeve

And with that, 2023 is a wrap. Really hoping that the neighbors aren’t planning fireworks (for the sheeps’ sake). Would appreciate this year going out without a bang.

Happy New Years, everyone- and all the best in 2024!


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