Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

Stock (Matthiola incana) from the garden (variety- Asa No Kagayaki)

One of my favorite flower smells. Spicy and sweet. Amazing to think that they are related to broccoli!

And I’m making pretty good progress on JUiST- separated the sleeves and body and shifted the color palette for fun

I’m JUiST about ready for another try-on (Heh heh)

Also happy to report that Yellow Chig is done being broody (for the time being) and is back to hanging with me in the hoophouse.

Good to see her back up and around- and getting along with the only other chig remaining on the homestead (recent eagle attack survivor, newly dubbed “Speck”).

Speck likes to spend most of the day in the Rhody Forest, but I lured her out with some grain to get this photo op

I don’t blame her for wanting to stay under cover after her raptor encounter a few weeks back. Glad that she’s on the mend- wounds closing, lots of new feathers coming in, and safely tucked away in a dog crate each night.

Alrighty folks, that’s it from me. Have a good week- and enjoy the Solstice!


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