JUiST in Time

I have a plan- and just in time for my upcoming knitting retreat!

JUiST (pronounced “Yoost”) is a top-down, seamless pullover with a slanted contiguous shoulder construction.

I’ve spent some time this week familiarizing myself with the pattern and doing some swatching to practice some new-to-me things that are in the instructions: Crochet cast-on, German Short Rows, and a new kind of increase. Here is my (2nd attempt) little increase swatch

Feeling pretty good about that. Also did a dry run of the collar area, to make sure my gauge calculations worked out (working a larger size to adjust for my gauge being significantly different from the pattern).

And yesterday morning I dyed the Dottie yarn that I’ll be using for the project

I especially love how the peachy orange shade turned out

It was one skein short of a home run- I’d kind of forgotten how the Wilton’s blue dye can split, and I did have some of that happen on that one color

So I think I’ll do something lese with the blue- perhaps overdye with red to go violet on the whole thing, or some sort of speckle effect, but it will likely sit out this project.

In other news, garden is coming along well- I’ve got almost all the veg in the ground, with drip and soaker hoses in place. With the heat of the last few days everything seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. But these temps really wear me out.

I think this afternoon I’ll be hiding in the shade, eating a rhubarb (+ a bit of ginger) pop.

So much rhubarb this time of year! Next batch is Rhubarb/Cherry+ hint of almond. Like rhubarb cherry pie on a stick.

Have a great week everyone-


    • denisemor

      thanks. the colors are lots of fun. i’m enjoying working with the yarn even if getting the sweater started correctly has been a bit of a challenge!


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