Carrot Strategy

It’s that time of year that I should be planting carrots.

Usually that would mean sowing them directly into the sandiest of our raised garden beds.

But in recent years, burrowing critters and seed-eating birds have made it impossible to get carrots going.

Last year I resorted to sowing some in pots fairly late (after 2 failed attempts outside) and while they did germinate and grow, I think they were too crowded and the soil mix wasn’t ideal. Didn’t get much carrot production out of those pots.

So I’d been shopping around for a new approach. Yesterday YouTube offered up this gentleman’s solution:

He’s germinating the carrot seed on moist papertowels, and then carefully transplanting them into pots with pre-made holes spaced evenly with templates. Says that he can get them going in 5 days this way! I’ve decided to give it a go.

I’ve got my carrot seeds nestled in moist paper towels in the seedling tray on heat

And since they should be spouting before I know it, I thought I should get the pots ready to go .

This time I want to give these little guys the best possible shot at growing to their potential, so I made up a special soil mix that hopefully they will like. Sand, compost and screened hoophouse soil.

Looks pretty carrot-friendly to me. I might just eyeball the placement instead of making copies of his planting templates, tho.

And while I was working in the hoophouse, trying to ignore the blustery weather outside, I noticed that I’ve got quite a few little volunteers popping up



and oregano

And in wool news, I think I’m finally close to finishing off that little locker hooking sample that I started so long ago.

Just going around the edge now with a chain stitch to stabilize and frame it, then I think I’m going to turn it into a pillow, probably with some of this fabric as the back

Will be really nice to have it done. I love the soft nubbly texture and that it features Chone and Edgar wools, along with Esther. Miss those sweet boys.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.

Have a good week folks 🙂


    • denisemor

      well, it kind of did. I got quick germination, but then had some issues getting the seeds off the paper towels and into their designated holes in the pot. I might have to sow a few more seeds directly to try and fill in the gaps


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