Pushing my Luck?

Been a nice few days here, with spring-y temps and lots of opportunities for working in the garden.

Seedlings continue to make progress, and I just started another wave today -squashes, melons, cukes, sunflowers.

You might remember that back in October, I took cuttings from a few tomatoes to root and overwinter. I’ve managed to keep those guys going, and they’d become a bit unwieldy of late- so I decided to take a chance and put them in the ground (in the hoophouse)

I’ve got Sunrise Bumblebee, Pink German and Blush trellised, and Purple Cherokee in a cage. Here’s hoping we don’t get a hard freeze going forward!

Also put snap peas in the ground, and strung up a trellis for them made of apple whips.

Little red fence around them is to keep Yellow Chig from mowing them down. ๐Ÿ™‚

And scallions and broccoli are getting settled in the first two stages of the Greenstalk planter

Won’t be long now ’til I’m shearing the sheeps! Most fleeces look pretty promising, tho I’m not sure what is going on with Fiona. Her wool is kind of short and seems to be somewhat felted, like a spongy mat across her back. Guess I’ll see once I get into it.

I hadn’t yet done anything with her fall fleece (which was quite nice), and so made a start on that the other day- once batch washed, dried and carded-

That’s her taupe-y fluff in the front. Not quite sure how I’m going to spin it yet. Will have to do a bit of sampling.

And on the knitting front I’ve been continuing to Brioche- enjoying the interplay of the colors and the cushiness of the fabric. Brioche has a nice easy rhythm to it, and is very satisfying at this gauge.

Alrighty folks, That’s all I’ve got. Have a good week ๐Ÿ™‚


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I’ve been off for a couple days and so had more time to dig in to the garden (literally and figuratively!) looking forward to the Alger garden swap event on Apr 29- hopefully everything will be well on it’s way by then. Fiona’s Fall 22 fleece is definitely the best I’ve gotten from her so far- maybe she’s just a summer-wool-growin’ kind of gal?

  1. Michelle

    I’m jealous of your garden/gardening! I sheared the first one of my flock Friday. I was in a hurry, and threw away more fleece than I probably would have if I could have slowed down and monkey-picked more. But the blanket is reserved, and I know better than to think I will make use of the heavily skirted remains.

    • denisemor

      Michelle- what do you do with your skirtings? do they go in the compost? i’ve been experimenting with using waste wool in the bottom of pots instead of gravel. would probably make good mulch as well.


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