This weekend is all about prep. Garden and Expo

On the garden front, I’m updating my garden spreadsheet and planning seed starting dates

Weather has been pretty mild lately, so I’ve also been moving around some compost, and tidying up in the hoophouse.

On the Expo front, I’m getting tools (wheels, combs, carders, etc) and materials (wool! lots of wool!) together for my two classes “Basics of Wool Processing”, and “Yarn from Scratch: Handspinning on a Wheel”. Will be the first time 3 years that the event is held in-person, and in a new Stanwood High School building to boot! Should be fun 🙂

And in some spare moments I’ve been playing with a new motif from a book I received as a Christmas gift – Alterknits Stitch Dictionary: 200 Modern Knitting Motifs

I especially like how the pattern worked out in the crown shaping- lucky accident

Lots of promising designs for allover patterning. Will see if any of them resonate strongly enough to become my new go-to.

Have a good week folks!


  1. Michelle

    Interesting that the Expo used a photo from the Mongol Derby. Hope they had permission! Your new hat is beautiful, but then again I think ALL your hats are!

    • denisemor

      dunno. assuming they’ve gotten necessary approvals. Brochure says this year’s keynote speaker is Robert Long, who I guess at 71 was the oldest ever winner of the Mongol Derby.


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