What’s in Store?

Yarn, of course 🙂

Just wanted to share that for the next couple (few?) months, my yarns will be available at Northwest Yarns in Bellingham. Here they are getting sorted for tagging.

Also two-ply skeins in a variety of weights and natural colors. So, if you’re in the neighborhood and need a fiber fix, go check it out. They recently took over the shop next door and their newly remodeled space is very cool. Yarn, looms, wheels, fabrics, fibers. Just go see. You won’t be disappointed!

Also wanted to share the newly revised hat pattern that turns a few of those fun little skeins into something like this-

Calling it the Coast to Coast Colorwork Cap, as it’s a perfect travel project.

Have a good week everyone. 🙂


    • denisemor

      I hear you, about not needing any more yarn. 🙂 I don’t often go to yarn stores any more for the same reason. but they have so much other cool stuff too- dyes, tools, notions, fibers.


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