Sweater Weather

Sorry I missed y’all last week. Was away in FL for some family visiting.

Now I’m back, and there is no mistaking that the fall is well and truly upon us.

We had a long dry summer, and the rain is so welcome.

I had gotten my Dottie and Chone Marjolaine off the needles just before I left-

And this morning, I wove in the ends, making it an official completion.

Such a comfy sweater- and with a good strong foundation of Dottie wool, I expect it will nice and hard-wearing too. It was a fun knit. Could see knitting another one sometime- or maybe incorporating the colorwork charts into hats or other projects.

Cross-country travel offers a lot of good knitting time, and I managed to get two hats made on the trip

My old standby hat pattern. Might start calling it “Coast to Coast”.


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