In a Haze

We’ve been getting quite a bit of smoke for fires in Canada and also south and east of here in WA. It’s somewhat better today, but yesterday looked about like this

The smoke is keeping it cooler than forecasted, but it is kind of tough on the eyes, nose & throat.

Hoping we’ll get some rain soon to clear the air and bring the fire danger down.

I’ve been making good progress so far on Marjolaine- been nice to have a sweater project going

I am really enjoying how these two yarns are working together, and watching the pattern emerge.

Also spun and plied another skein of yarn from the reclaimed fleece

I learned last week that this sheep’s name is Alice. Always nice to have a name to go with a fleece 🙂

And in the garden, we’re starting to get more peps

and melons!

Not so many melons this year as last, but they are mighty sweet and tasty.


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