So Close

This morning I thought I was going to finally get the rest of our shearing done.

And it was going pretty well,, but then Dottie lost patience with me.

So now she looks really silly/scruffy

But we’re SO close to done.

Afterwards, I spent some time sorting Daphne’s washed fleece by color and separating out the felted bits.

To my surprise, there wasn’t as much felting as I originally thought. She grew a really nice fleece this past year!

And I already have a bit of it carded up-

It might be the year for a Daphne sweater project!

And out in the garden, things are moving along despite the recent cool, wet weather

Greenstalk is filling out

Maters and melons getting established in the hoophouse

I’ve also planted okra, eggplant and peppers (Blot and Sheepnose Pimento), all equipped with makeshift protective shields for the time being.

Still have some more tomatoes and jalapenos to get in, but waiting for them to get a little bigger first.

Also, peas that were planted a while back are finally grown and flowering-

but there haven’t been a lot of pollinators around. I’ve made an attempt to manually pollinate them, but waiting to see if we’ll get any pods.



  1. Donna

    Dottie looks funny. But Daphne’s carded wool looks luscious. My starts are pathetic so far this year but at least we have pollinators.

    • denisemor

      Dottie looks even scragglier now, a week later, with all her fleece bits trailing behind. I’ll get her cleaned up one of these days!


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