Tale of two Fleeces

Though shearing is (still) not complete, I have started in on getting some of this year’s new wool washed up and processed.

I was originally thinking that most of Daphne’s fleece was felted, but was pleasantly surprised upon washing up a couple batches that it’s just kind of bound up, and should be mostly spinnable after a bit of hand-picking and teasing apart.

Her wool is a lovely range of grays, with sun-bleached curly tips. Longer locks in the rear, and some really long guard hair. Definitely a fleece with character. And softer than her two previous fleeces, so that’s interesting

I think this might be what I take to my knitting retreat at the end of the month to play with.

And while I’ve only gotten the rear-end wool off of Felix so far, I’ve already washed and carded that bit.

It’s totally different from Daphne’s, fine, but with a fairly short staple. Has some tender tips, but I’m getting a pretty good result spinning it fine (woollen, long draw) and chain plying it into a dk-weight yarn. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the rest of his fleece off him soon.

There’s just something about this ball of Felix yarn, with its swirl of windings and fuzzy smile that makes me want to grab some needles and crank out a swatch 🙂

Alrighty folks- have good week!

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