So Much Good Stuff

Just got back from the Alger Garden Swap. It’s always nice to visit with folks, and diversify the varieties I’m growing in the garden. Found homes for a lot of may extra starts (tomatoes, peppers, melons, cukes, eggplant), and came home with a wide selection of new-to-me things!

Black Cherry tomato Large Italian tomato Orange Paruche tomato Blush Tomato

Purple Cauliflower Zinnias (white and salmon colored) Strawberries Borage Tomatillo

Cayenne Peppers Chamomile Mammoth Sunflowers Poppy seed Mixed runner bean seeds

Also learned that there is a seed company up in Bellingham that I wasn’t previously aware of: Uprising Organics

Cool, eh?

Squashes are all planted out now with the potatoes in the new bed just east of the hoophouse.

Cukes are planted in the hoophouse, alongside some broccoli and peas that got an early start inside

And I just noticed that the peas are getting ready to bloom! so not long ’til we’ll have tasty sugar snap pods to munch on!

Melons are planted too, since they were starting to look crowded in their little pots.

And right next to them are staged the rest of the starts for this year’s garden- peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, celery, dill, fennel, okra.

Now that I’ve got 7 varieties of tomato going (with a swap planned for 2 more), I’m realizing that I probably can keep fewer of each than I originally thought. So I’ll probably need to re-home a few yet.

And in wool news, I got Dottie partly sheared last weekend, so she’s walking around with a mullet.

Hoping she’ll let me finish the job sometime soon, before she crubs up all that lovely fleece.

I also continue to play with color on the drum carder, and have a spin of the week for show and tell- actually two, but wrapped up together. It struck me as a kind of tropical combo.

Whew. I’m beat. Have a good week everyone-


  1. Maureen Finn

    I love Uprising Seeds! I haven’t had a garden for a few years and need to get back to it. Love all the tomato varieties! And nice mullet, Dottie

    • denisemor

      Thanks Maureen- i am excited to have a local seed company. Looks like they carry some really interesting varieties!


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