Fluff Management Continues

Caught up Daphne in the shed this afternoon and she became the next haircut candidate.

She can be a handful, as she’s always been a really physical gal, always wrestling with me over hoof trims, shearing, vaccinations. Today was no different. Started with hooves- and hers are a mess right now, so I’m sure that’s why she didn’t want any of it. But thankfully she settled down a bit once I got to shearing.

Here she is in a calm moment about halfway through

(just after that, she got all freaky and dragged the wool through the straw in the shed, of course)

And here she is with her fluff mostly managed

A little felty along the topline, but her side and chest wool is soooo sweet. Or will be, once I pick out all the bedding. Grrr. At least she’s off to a fresh start for the summer.

Meanwhile, in the hoophouse, a couple pretty new colorways are drying-

That’s Blood Orange on Esther + Violet Border Leicester on the left, and Deep Water on Esther + Purple (on Felix? maybe) on the right.

And I’ll send you out with a short clip of sheep peacefully grazing-

and a little visit with yellow chig

Have a good week everyone-


  1. Donna

    Glad you got the wool off of Daphne. It sounds like a process, and so sorry she drug it through the bedding. It sounds like you are using the same dyes we did at our retreat. Fun colors! Nice your hoop house is a wool dryer as well. So Jealous!

    • denisemor

      I’ve been using the Abundant Earth Wool Tinctures. Is that what you used at the retreat? so easy and I love the color palette. Thankfully the bedding is straw, which come out pretty easily. If it were shavings or something it’s really have some work ahead of me!


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