Call of the Wool’d

Finally did some more shearing!

Esther was today’s lucky winner. She was a pretty patient with me, so I did get her whole topside done.

Her undercarriage is still pretty messy- will deal with that later.

Whole lotta dirty wool off that girl. Probably at least 8 pounds worth washing. And another couple that will make a really potent tea for the garden.

But it’s amazing how bright white she is underneath, and she loves the good rubs she can get once her heavy coat is off. The other sheeps of course gave her a hard time when she was turned out with her new haircut.

I hate it when they are buttheads to each other. 🙁

Felix was smart to stay out of their way. While the rest of the gang was running Esther around, he came over and got some yummy alfalfa pellets.

That’s a good boy, Felix!

And speaking of critters, This week I came across one this week that has really captured my imagination

Meet Joris I have already cast on and knit his six-pointed head

He’s going to be such a cute little creature. And I have a feeling he’s gong to come together pretty quickly.

Have a good week folks-

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