Springy Things

On this beautiful sunny day in what can be a very gray and wet time of year, I am finding joy in the many simple, beautiful things I have to be thankful for and happy about.

Seeds germinating

front to back: melons, eggplants, cukes
tomatoes & peppers in front, broccoli and onions in rear

Quick colorful spins

Beautiful eggs

Sowed more seeds this weekend, too. (Because I must grow all the things! ) – Celery, Jarrahdale and Delicata squash, Zuchinni, and Okra. Though I am being mindful this year to not grow crazy amounts of all the things. 🙂

Also, on a bit of a lark this morning, I decided to try and plant some of the black oil sunflower seeds that we add to the chicken scratch. Don’t know what to expect, but would be super cool if they grew into a blaze of tall yellow blooms in the summer.

Soon it will be time to shear, so I’m sure sheep will be featuring heavily in upcoming posts. I fear that Daphne and Fiona are pretty felted,,, but won’t know what I’m up against until I dive in. But I do love diving into the fleece.

Take care, folks- and have a good week-


    • denisemor

      Thanks. I’m finding that cranking the drum carder a constructive way to channel my nervous energy, and the beautiful blends lift my spirits 🙂


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