Constructive Distractions

Spring is coming.

It has to be, because I am so done with winter.

There are a lot of late/winter/early spring garden tasks that need doing, so there is no problem finding things to keep the hands busy. I’ve been making slow but steady progress on pruning. Roses done, started on fruit trees this weekend. I find that being outside does help keep my mind off the news, which continues to be depressing and distressing.

I am happy to report that the first of our seeds that I planted last weekend are coming up- it’s cukes in the lead

followed closely by the melons

So happy to see these guys- I was a little worried that the cold nights earlier in the week might have doomed my early start.

There are a couple of tiny ‘maters popping up, but they are so little that I couldn’t get a good picture. Maybe next week.

In other “keeping the hands busy” news, I whipped up a cute little hat with some of that Jacob fleece that I prepped for the Expo

The basketweave cabling was a little time-consuming, but gives a nice cozy thickness over the ears. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed working with this Jacob wool. a little bit short stapled, but really soft and springy, and I love the way the soft gray is marbled throughout . Here’s a little bit closer look

I also got all that newly dyed Esther wool picked and carded. So pretty. I just love the Wool Tinctures colors.

Here are a couple that seem most fitting today


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