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Many thanks to The Man for his contribution to the blog last week.

We were both really happy to get the possum situation resolved to the benefit of all 🙂

Thankfully no more of that kind of excitement this week.

Just Garden Planning Excitement!

Our seeds have arrived- and this morning I spent some time getting the planting plan together. Last year the seed-starting schedule was dictated by how quickly we could get the hoophouse enclosed. We got the first wave sown March 23.

This year we’re going to go earlier, and see if we can get tomatoes and other heat-loving stuff ripening a bit sooner.

This year’s selections include:

Tomatoes: German Pink, Sunrise Bumblebee, Martino’s Roma

Peppers: Craig’s Grande Jalepeño, Sheepnose Pimento, Blot

Melon: Petite Gris de Renne

I’ve also got two little tomato plants who volunteered last fall (I think one Brad’s Atomic Grape, and one Honeycomb) growing under lights in the house right now. Really hope I can keep them happy and growing for a few more months.

And on the wool front, I finished spinning up the Florida Cracker Sheep wool (three ply, same style as the Gulf Coast Native)

It was a really fun, easy spin. The two wools seemed very similar to me. I’m thinking/hoping to use them together in a project soon. Would be interested to see what they they look like right off the sheep. Maybe next time I’m in Florida….. 🙂

And on the needles this week- mitts, of the fingerless variety. Wool is Jacob- sample skein from that fleece I processed as a demo for my Country Living Expo class. Think I might just keep making vanilla mitts for a while. They are so quick, and I’m kind of in the groove. Thinking that maybe once I’ve got a batch of them I might play around with embellishing them- a little embroidery?

And in case you are not subscribed to Clara Parkes’ Wool Channel- I thought that this recent episode was particularly engaging:

Have a good week!


    • denisemor

      Was fun to hear sheep stories from the shepherds themselves. I try not to have favorites, but they all have personalities and some endear themselves more than others! 😉


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