Despite what Stringer says (“The Wire” reference video removed due to language worse than I remembered), I am enormously thankful for a 40-degree day.

While it was a stressful and tiring week, I’m pleased to report that we came through the snow and cold without any death or destruction. Structures intact, all critters accounted for. Whew!

This weeks expected rain should melt away the snow quickly, but cleaning all the mucky bedding out of the shed is going to be a big job.

And while hunkered down by the pellet stove, I actually got a fair fit of spinning done- you might remember that I brought home a bunch of new-to-me fibers from Florida last month-

So far I’ve spun up two of the three- the white below is Gulf Coast Native

true three-ply. singles spun on Elsa, plied on Moto. Really enjoyed this- smooth and easy spinning from well prepared roving.
light and lofty in luscious berry colors, spun on Moto (3.5), chain plied also on Moto (2.5). This prep was more like combed top. A little compressed- so I pre-fluffed and broke off sections to spin from the fold.

Next up is the Florida Cracker wool! Going to do it up in the same way as the Gulf Coast so I can do a direct comparison of the results- so I’ve got it divided up by weight into thirds and ready to spin

And we just got out garden seed order in to Baker Creek. So exciting to think about the cool stuff we’re going to grow this year. We’re dialing back the tomatoes a bit (still three varieties, just fewer of each), and making space for peppers (sweet and hot), eggplant and celery.

There’s still a lot of winter to be gotten through, but I do find that garden planning helps to keep me moving forward.

Have a good week folks!


  1. Donna

    It was a stressful and tiring week. We didn’t have any death, but there was destruction. There will be lots of clean up and repairs once the snow melts completely. But glad it is coming to an end. The Gulf Coast yarn is gorgeous!

    • denisemor

      good luck with the cleanup. hope the destruction was minimal- this weather is really hard on structures as well. I was so pleasantly surprised by the gulf coast wool- hoping that the Florida cracker follows suit!


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