7.93 inches of rain so far this month. 2.39 of that today alone

I’m very thankful that the sheep and chickens have a comfy shed to hang out in. I went out and got some more straw this afternoon so they have fresh bedding. Everything gets mucky fast when it’s so wet out there.

Inside, I made some progress today on prep for my Expo zoom class. I shot a set of short videos documenting the washing of a batch of fleece. Hoping that The Man can help me edit it into a useful little demo for the class.

I’m really happy with how the Jacob fleece from down the road is washing up. Very soft and fluffy-

Next up, carding! hand carding, drum carding, flick carding. options abound—

And, I am excited to report that I just cast off the back of the Griff Traveling Stitches vest!

I think tiny Gus is kind of jealous. I might need to make one for him one as well. It would look super cute on him. 🙂

So now it’s time for blocking. Blocking and assembling, before I can work on the neckline. I am kind of anxious to see how my v-neck/shawl collar hybrid is going to play out. Looks like I’m doing ok on yarn yardage, so that’s a relief. Enough left for a nice substantial collar.

Alrighty folks. Hope you and yours are all staying dry and safe as the waters continue to rise.


    • denisemor

      thank-yeah, me too. really glad that your sandbagging held and you didn’t need to evacuate. what a relief, eh? it would be fun to make a doggie version of this sweater- I might start doing some sketches….


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