Spin Spin Spin

Cali singles are coming along- soon I will be ready to ply!

No Alger Market this weekend due to inclement weather, but I might be able to go next week. That will be the last regular market of the season. Fall is definitely upon us, so perhaps folks will be in a hat-wearing frame of mind.

Besides the accumulating Cali singles, my big accomplishment this week is figuring out a new pill delivery system for my good friend Felix. He’d recently gotten wise to the meds mixed in his alfalfa pellets and started spitting them out. Silly bugger. But I have hit upon a solution: dried figs. cut in half, they make a perfect pill pocket for picky critters. Pills stay put too! Woot!


    • denisemor

      seemed so obvious once I figured it out, but I was really excited to have found a better way to manage the pills. can be so stressful trying to get critters to take meds. and I figure, if he gets tired of figs, i can switch to apricots!


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