Beyond Heat Dome

The crazy Heat Dome that enveloped us last weekend has moved on, and for that I am thankful.

Monday was the worst. Just shy of 110F. That afternoon we lost a chicken. She didn’t have a name, but was a character. A very vocal Welsummer girl. It was just too much for her. I think if it had lasted much longer it would have been too much for many more.

Things are much more normal now, temperature-wise, but things are much drier than they usually are this time of year.

One upside to the dryness is that we’ve got a huge cherry crop this year!

(Last year, lots of rain while they were ripening caused them to split and rot)

But the black currants got fried 🙁

The hoophouse is looking like a tropical rainforest

with melons, cukes, and most tomatoes taller than me now.

Joes Atomic Grape tomatoes are starting to show some color-

and we got our first okra!

This evening, out in the pasture, sheep are enjoying apple tree prunings.

The calm before the 4th of July fireworks storm.

Really hope that it’s not as crazy as last year. Was like a war zone. Very scary for the sheepers.

Ps. Felix update: he’s now on Meloxicam and Gabapentin, and seems to be much more comfortable. yay!

Pps. I think I’m getting hay delivered sometime this week. double yay! 🙂

Hope you all are having a great 4th- stay safe out there-


  1. Michelle

    I lost a hen from the heat, too. Some of my garden plants got sunburned, but I think it really won’t affect our harvest. I hope we never go through heat like that again, but I guess we’ll take what comes. Your hoop house IS a jungle!

    • denisemor

      sorry to hear about your hen, Michelle. I truly hope that kind of weather event is as rare as the meteorologists suggest. In the hoophouse I’ve been doing a lot of tomato pruning and melon and cuke trellising to try and keep everything tidy and increase airflow, but it’s amazing how big everything is! And it’s only early July!

  2. Donna

    That is quite a jungle. I am sorry about your hen. For us the young and old were most affected by the heat. Congratulations on the hay!

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- It is really amazing how everything is growing. I’m finding that I have to prune tomatoes and train cukes and melons every couple days to keep things under control out there. Hay just got here yesterday. I do love me some fresh hay 🙂


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